Learning Data Science

Data Science Workshops for the Enterprise

The mission of Learning Data Science is to empower organizations to grow their own Analysts, Consultants and Developers into Data Scientists through hands-on, technical workshops.

What makes these workshops unique?

  • Emphasis on case studies
  • Friendly conceptual and visual explanations vs. mathmatical theory
  • Learning how to learn syntax straight from the documentation
  • Breadth of topics covered in accelerated time-span
  • Minimal prerequisites

What topics do workshops cover?

  • Curriculum is customized by the organization
  • All workshops are done using the Python programming language
  • Possible topics range from traditional statistical analysis, to machine learning, to causal inference

What will I get out of a workshop?

  • Numerous coded examples
  • Realistic case studies with analysis and interpretations
  • Clear descriptions of highly technical concepts with visual aids
  • Explanations of how to read documentation for powerful packages
  • Links to curated resources for continued learning

What are the prerequisites?

  • Advanced statistical or computer science knowledge is useful but not required.
  • All attendees must have a downloaded copy of the Anaconda distribution for Python 3.5 and the ability to execute code in a Jupyter notebook
  • Prior scripting experience in Python is beneficial but it is not necessary for these workshops

Josiah Davis is a former instructor of Data Science for General Assembly where he received the highest student rating in the history of the course across all campuses.

As a practicing data scientist, Josiah has provided consulting services to a wide range of clients including Department of Veteran Affairs, Genentech, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Walmart.

Josiah holds a Master's degree in Statistics from UC, Berkeley. Josiah currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters.

Alex Sherman

I highly recommend Josiah as an engaging corporate data science trainer... my only wish at the end of the course was for it to last longer.

Foyeke Akinwande

The knowledge I gained was not for an isolated event. It permeates every environment in which data is involved no matter what software is being used.

Joe Edmonds

...the tools it gave me to go out and continue teaching myself have provided just as much benefit for me.

Kevin Ushijima

Josiah did an incredible job covering such a large amount of material in such a short period of time.


Josiah is an EXCELENT teacher! ... He is like a coach who will train you to get better in a way that might be impossible or very inefficient on your own.

Rachel Belyavsky

Josiah's understanding of not only analytical tools such as Python, but their applications to tangible business problems is very evident.

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